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City Secretary's OfficeP.O. Box 9960 | 1101 Texas Ave.College Station, TX 77842979.764.3500
The city council welcomes written and oral comments from the public at regular city council meetings. To submit comments, you must download the form, complete it in Adobe Acrobat Reader, save, and email it to


The city council welcomes written and oral comments from the public at regular meetings. Individuals wishing to speak must sign in at the City Secretary's Office at College Station City Hall during regular business hours, or 15 minutes prior to the start of the regular meeting. Speakers who have not registered may be allowed to speak at the discretion of the presiding officer and must register with the city secretary afterward. Each speaker may speak once at Hear Visitors and once per public hearing. A three-minute time limit is strictly enforced, and time cannot be transferred. When a speaker yields the floor they waive their remaining time.


Individuals may use the comment sheets provided in the City Secretary's Officel. Comment sheets submitted to the city secretary 15 minutes prior to the start of the regular meeting will be copied and distributed to council members. An individual who wishes to submit other written material should submit 10 copies to the city secretary for distribution to council members and senior staff. Individuals wishing to provide a PowerPoint, audio, video, or other electronic presentation must submit the presentation to the City Secretary's Office no later than noon the day of the meeting. This will allow staff time to review the file for security and the content to determine appropriateness for display at a public meeting.


The Hear Visitors section is set aside during regular meetings to give the public the opportunity to speak on city-related matters not covered by the agenda. By law, the council may not engage in dialog about items not listed on the agenda. Inquiries of this nature will either be directed to the staff or placed on a future agenda for council consideration.


An item on the consent or regular agenda may be spoken to with the permission of the presiding officer. A form should be completed and provided to the city secretary 15 minutes before the start of the regular meeting, and the presiding officer will be notified that there is a request for comment on that item. Rules for Hear Visitors and public hearings apply.


This section is set aside for comment on a particular item. After a public hearing is closed, there shall be no additional public comments. If council needs additional information from the general public, limited comments may be allowed at the discretion of the presiding officer.


  1.  Members of the public may address the city council at the following times during a meeting:

    >> During Hear Visitors, if such a period is on the agenda for the meeting.
    >> During a public hearing on an agenda item.
    >> During consent and regular agenda items with the permission of the presiding  >> officer.
    >> During workshop agenda items with permission of the presiding officer.

  2.  Speakers must state their name and neighborhood or city for the record.
  3.  Speakers must address comments and questions to the presiding officer.
  4.  Speakers must limit their comments to three minutes.
  5.  Speakers may not employ tactics of defamation, intimidation, personal affronts, profanity, or threats of  violence.

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