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Heavy rain from Hurricane Harvey leads to wastewater overflows
Posted Date: 8/27/2017 4:00 PM
The City of College Station experienced multiple wastewater overflows Saturday and Sunday after more than 12 inches of rainfall. 

The College Station public water system is not threatened since no known domestic or public drinking water wells or surface water intakes are within a half mile of the spill’s location. The exact volume of the overflow is unknown but is estimated to have exceeded 100,000 gallons. Once volumes and locations are verified, updated information will be provided.

To maintain health and safety for our customers, the City of College Station has the following precautionary statements about wastewater overflows: 

• People using private drinking water supply wells located within a half mile of a wastewater spill site, or within the potentially affected area, should use only water that has been distilled or boiled at a rolling boil for at least one minute for all personal uses, including drinking, cooking, bathing and brushing teeth. 
• Those with private water wells within a half mile of a wastewater spill area should have their water tested and disinfected, if necessary, before discontinuing distillation or boiling. 
• People who purchase water from a public water supply may contact their water supply distributor to determine if the water is safe for personal use. 
• The public should avoid contact with waste material, soil or water in the area potentially affected by the spill. 
• As a precaution, it is recommended to avoid contact with the waters of Carters, Alum and Bee creeks. • Do not bathe, swim or wade in floodwaters. 
• If the public comes into contact with waste material, soil or water potentially affected by the spill, they should bathe and wash clothes thoroughly as soon as possible. 

The public should continue to report wastewater spills, power outages and problems with water service to 24-Hour utility dispatch at 855-528-4CSU (4278).