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Update of the Thoroughfare Plan and Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Greenways Master Plan to incorporate the Bryan/College Station Metropolitan Planning Organization 2050 Thoroughfare Concept and other City-initiated changes and clean up items.


Following a series of 12 public meetings and revisions resulting from thousands of written and verbal comments, the Bryan/College Station Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Policy Board adopted a MPO 2050 Thoroughfare Concept plan in June 2017. The MPO Concept consists of major roadways classified as arterials and highways intended as a guide to help develop a County-wide roadway network to support the long-term growth anticipated in Brazos County. In forming the MPO Concept, it was assumed that the population of Brazos County would double by 2050. The current College Station Thoroughfare Plan utilizes a 2035 planning horizon for anticipated traffic volumes. As part of the upcoming 10-year update of the Comprehensive Plan, it is anticipated that the Thoroughfare Plan will be further evaluated in relation to any changes made to land use assumptions and other planning goals and objectives.

As planned in the 2017 Planning and Zoning Commission Plan of Work, staff has identified the amendments needed to incorporate the MPO’s 2050 Thoroughfare Concept into the College Station Thoroughfare Plan as well as the revisions to bicycle and pedestrian facilities along these roadways that would amend the Bicycle, Pedestrian and Greenways Master Plan. To incorporate the MPO Concept, some of the collector thoroughfares need to be realigned to appropriately relate to the revised arterial and highway network provided in the MPO Concept. As thoroughfare classifications are not common terminology, a depiction of the typical thoroughfare cross section for each classification (major arterial, minor arterial, major collector, minor collector, and rural collector), their general range of traffic volume per day that can be accommodated, and example roadways in College Station are provided here. In addition to incorporating the MPO Concept classifications and alignments, staff proposes some clean up items to reflect existing and approved alignments as well as other City-initiated amendments.

Links are provided below for the overall existing and proposed Thoroughfare Plan, bicycle facilities, and pedestrian facilities. Zoomed-in map book comparisons for each change are provided as well that categorize the changes as MPO-related (red dots) or City-initiated with clean-ups (purple dots) with a spreadsheet that serves as a key and provides brief descriptions.

Project Schedule:

Staff has identified the proposed amendments and the bicycle and pedestrian amendments were considered by the Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Greenways Advisory Board at their November 6, 2017 meeting and were recommended for approval. The proposed amendments are scheduled for public hearing and consideration by the:

· Planning & Zoning Commission at their November 16, 2017 meeting at 7:00pm; and

· City Council at their November 20, 2017 meeting at 6:00pm.

The public meetings will be held at City Hall at 1101 Texas Avenue. For questions or inquiries regarding the proposed amendments, please contact Jason Schubert, Transportation Planning Coordinator, at 979-764-3570 or

Overall Maps:

Thoroughfare Plan – Existing and Proposed

Bicycle Facilities – Existing and Proposed

Pedestrian Facilities – Existing and Proposed

Map Book Zoom-In Comparisons:

Spreadsheet List of Proposed Amendments (map book key)

Thoroughfare Plan Map Book Part 1 (pages 1-10)

Thoroughfare Plan Map Book Part 2 (pages 11-20)

Thoroughfare Plan Map Book Part 3 (pages 21-30)

Bicycle Facilities Map Book Part 1 (pages 1-10)

Bicycle Facilities Map Book Part 2 (pages 11-20)

Bicycle Facilities Map Book Part 3 (pages 21-30)

Pedestrian Facilities Map Book Part 1 (pages 1-10)

Pedestrian Facilities Map Book Part 2 (pages 11-20)

Pedestrian Facilities Map Book Part 3 (pages 21-30)

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