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I think my neighbor's grass is too tall. What are the criteria for the Weeds and Grass Ordinance?

  • The Ordinance states 12" tall, which is about mid-calf
  • Rurally zoned neighborhoods/areas/lots do not have to be mowed
  • The majority of the yard has to be 12" tall, not just clumps or portions

My neighbor has not trimmed or edged their property.

  • The City does not have an Ordinance that addresses this
  • Please contact your HOA

My neighbors have been having loud parties.

  • Please call the College Station Police Department at 979-764-3600

My trash was not picked up, and I got a Door tag/Hang tag/Notice/Citation.

  • Doortags/Hangtags are not Citations; Citations are hand-delivered and need to be signed for
  • Please call Public Works at 979-764-3690

My neighbor has a dog that barks/gets out all of the time.

  • Please call Animal Control at 979-764-3600

My neighbor's backyard is overgrown/has stuff all over.

  • Generally, we are not allowed to look into people's backyards if there is a privacy fence; everyone has a certain level of an expectation of privacy

There is a car parked in the street that has not moved for months, and the registration has expired.

  • Please call the Police Department at 979-764-3600

My neighbor's car, which is in the driveway, has not moved in months.

  • Is the registration current, and does it appear to be operable (i.e. tires aired, etc.)?
    • If NO, then it is a violation
    • If YES, then it is not a violation

I got a Door tag/Hang tag/Notice/Citation for House Numbers, but my numbers are painted on the curb.

  • Doortags/Hangtags are not Citations; Citations are hand-delivered and need to be signed for
  • Numbers painted on the curb do not meet the Ordinance. They have to be:
    • On the house, or
    • On the mailbox

My neighbor has litter in their yard.

  • One beer can, cup or newspaper is not litter

My neighbor has a couch/refrigerator/recliner/dinette set out in their yard.

I am not sure if something is a violation. Who do I call?

My neighbor parks his car in the yard all the time.

  • Parking one tire in the grass is not a violation. The rule of thumb is that if more than half of the vehicle is parked on the grass, it is a violation. Please call us at 979-764-6363
Last updated: 8/15/2016 3:59:00 PM