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Design Review Board meetings are held at 11 a.m. in the Administrative Conference Room located in the City Secretary's office at City Hall.


DATE                AGENDA
3/9/2018      Agenda and Packet
1/26/2018    Agenda and Packet



DATE                AGENDA
12/18/2017    Agenda and Packet
11/10/2017    Agenda and Packet
06/23/2017    Agenda and Packet    
06/09/2017    Agenda and Packet
09/08/2017    Agenda and Packet



DATE             AGENDA 
12/09/2016    Agenda and Packet
11/11/2016    Agenda and Packet
07/06/2016    Agenda and Packet
06/03/2016    Agenda and Packet
05/13/2016    Agenda and Packet
04/22/2016    Agenda and Packet



DATE             AGENDA
12/16/15    Agenda and Packet
12/02/15    Agenda and Packet
07/24/15    Agenda and Packet
06/30/15    Agenda and Packet
04/14/15    Agenda and Packet
02/27/15    Agenda and Packet



DATE              AGENDA
12/19/2014  Agenda and Packet
9/12/2014    Agenda and Packet
5/9/2014      Agenda and Packet
1/24/2014    Agenda and Packet
1/10/2014    Agenda and Packet 


DATE              AGENDA
10/25/2013  Agenda and Packet
9/13/2013    Agenda and Packet
3/8/2013      Agenda and Packet
2/8/2013      Agenda and Packet 


DATE              AGENDA
9/14/2012      Agenda and Packet 
7/3/2012*      Agenda and Packet



DATE              AGENDA
10/14/2011    Agenda and Packet
05/13/2011    Agenda and Packet
04/15/2011    Agenda and Packet
03/25/2011    Agenda and Packet
01/14/2011    Agenda and Packet


DATE              AGENDA
12/10/2010    Agenda and Packet
10/22/2010    Agenda and Packet
08/27/2010    Agenda and Packet
06/11/2010    Agenda and Packet

*Special Meeting

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